In the past five years National has revolutionized the elevator industry with its SecureSlide™ entrances for commercial and public housing. We have received six patents for its work on SecureSlide, cab design software and sill support devices.
  • Patented SecureSlide™ Entrance Product and Installation Process: Allows entrance installation from the hallway before the platform is running
  • Patented QuickSill™ Entrance Sill: Replaces sill support angle and allows sill to be installed from the hall before the platform is running
  • Patented Modernization SecureSlide™ Entrance System: Allows for a conversion of a swing type entrance to a slide type entrance within the same wall line
  • Patented MAX-E-CAB™ New Elevator Cab System: Maximizes interior cab space while allowing for decorative removable panels
  • Patented SecureWall™ Entrance System: Increases contractors sale by providing a wall to install between adjacent elevator entrances


550 Madison Avenue
Sony Building

Marriott Marquis (2004)
Host Marriott

Elevator Entrance