National Elevator Cab & Door Corp

Acoustic Technologies

Today, high-speed modern elevators can come at the cost of a very loud ride for your passenger – but with National, you don't have to compromise on any aspect of your cab's design, luxury, or comfort - we are the leading independent cab company in abating cab noise issues.

Our most notable application of these acoustic solutions to our projects is the set of five "SkyPod" elevators serving One World Observatory at NYC's One World Trade Center building. Traveling nearly 1,300 ft. at a rate of 2,000 ft. per minute, these 4,000 lb. cars are the fastest in the Western Hemisphere, yet need to be nearly silent as to not distract passengers from the cars' main attractions: an animated, augmented display of the city changing over the course of the one-minute ride. 

At National we have vast experience in customizing acoustic packages for modernization projects, provide consulting services to elevator contractors and building owners for issues regarding hoistway acoustics, and offer a remarkable line of products for the alleviation of one of the most common sources of excess noise – the cab fan. Please contact us for more information.


National worked with ThyssenKrupp and acoustic industry leaders to satisfy all needs of this project, creating a multi-layered application of acoustic damping, absorbing and barrier products that in total provided a 22 dBA reduction in the cab interior (compared to standard industry practices). The same package was applied to twenty additional One World Trade Center cabs on the project, which travel at 1,800 ft. per minute; all twenty cars were accepted with interior noise levels less than 50 dBA at full speed.